Meet the deep root growing wall. Here we have 40 bales activated with high nitrate organic solutions such as comfrey and nettle tea, coffee grounds, fish blood and pee… yes, fish blood and pee. Once activated they can be grown in directly, and will be planted up later with 40 different crops to see who likes the growing method best. Between the bales is lose, sandy soil for roots, in which carrots, parsnips, black scorzonera, radish and spring onions have already germinated nicely.

The smart thing about the system is that at the end of the season the bales will be compost that is pulled across the beds as a winter mulch. This exposes many roots for winter eating that can be removed without damage or digging, just like a picking them off the shelf!

4 thoughts on “Deep Root Growing Wall

  1. Hi! Very inspired to try this deep root growing wall technique. Would you be willing to share your recipe for the activating solution? I live in the Netherlands, otherwise I would be signing up immediately to come and take part in your activities there on a regular basis : )
    p.s. am a friend of Caspar’s and helped out there composting last year, he was just visiting me here and pointed me to your excellent site.

    1. Hey, of course! Sharing is what it’s all about. In honesty it doesn’t really matter what you use as long as it’s high nitrate. In this case I used a handful of fish blood granules, a lot of water, a couple of doses of comfrey tea soakings and some wood ash. The important thing is that you do it daily for about 2 weeks, let them hot up, then leave to cool for a few days before planting. The old pee bale trick is another way of doing it. We helped with Captain Compost’s mission this year. Good fun eh?!?

      1. P.S things are really getting going in the garden now and we’re hoping to get some WWOOFers in to help with our next step. If you ever fancy staying again let us know!

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