There’s an urgent need for our knowledge, skills, and gardens to spill out into the wider community. Gardens assist with many of the challenges we are facing in today’s changing world. Creating food security, habitat, environmental solutions and community cohesion are just a few of them. Community growing is something that anyone can get involved in and know that they are making a positive impact on the world.

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Help Out at a Community Garden Near You
Check out our garden finder and get in touch with your local community growers. Community gardens are for everyone, and there’s always plenty to do regardless of your ability. As well as helping to create a resilient food network you’ll find connection within your community, get active and be sure of a healthy diet for you and your family.

Come to One of Our Community Grower Training Days
If you’d like to join our friendly community of growers and help out in our training gardens you can join us at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire.  Keep up to date via our MeetUp group, see our events page, follow us on facebook, or join our mailing list (top of this page) for upcoming workshops, classes, events and community grower get togethers.

Build a Community Garden
Setting up a small growing space within your community can offer not only a source of food, but a great platform to bring the community together and educate our next generation. If you have an idea for a space where the community can tend to a garden and harvest the produce let us know. We can provide manpower, networking opportunities, advice and plants to get you started. We are ready to teach you how to care for the garden, and how to save seed for the next season. The hardest part is making the leap and getting started, but don’t worry, there’s an army of people waiting to help!

Propaganda & Guerrilla Gardens
Whether its a communally accessible garden or your own front lawn a vegetable garden gets people’s interest. Lets breaks down the widely held belief that a grass lawn is the only acceptable way to keep the neighbours at bay. Why not set up a veg patch where everyone can see it!? It doesn’t need to be a huge garden to make a huge impact; it’s about planting seeds in the mind as much as in the soil.

School Gardens
Educating our next generation of inquisitive minds is the most vital step to ensuring a sustainable future. Food security, Earth care and personal growth need to be high on the list of subjects. If you would like a growing space within your local school and can spare a few hours per week to help the children care for it please contact us. We can gather a team and the materials to make it happen.

We can’t eat money, and what we do eat isn’t interested in it either. The Seeds of Eden Community Growing Initiative is all about seeing what we can do by caring and helping each other out rather than spending. There are however community gardens that need small donations for tools, structures and materials from time to time. It also costs to get the word out there so donations of advertising space and materials always helps. If you’d like to help in this way contact us and we’ll let you know who needs what.

There’s an army of people creating a new, sustainable agriculture out there. Check out the links below to see what other organisations are doing and how you can join in:

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